Automatism is the act of creating spontaneously, without thinking about the end result or the construction, but more feeling and letting the art come from somewhere in the subconscious.

Joan Miro (1893 – 1983)
Nationality: Spanish
Movement: Surrealism
Media: Painting, Ceramics

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Joan Miro studied under Franciso Gali, originally painting in Fauvist and Cubist style. After poor reviews of his first solo exhibition, Miro traveled to Paris to seek out Pablo Picasso, who introduced Miro to the Surrealist, whom he joined in 1924. Interested by the relationship of art and the subconscious mind and slightly skeptical of Surrealism, Miro began to create his own biomorphic and semi-abstract forms in the late 1920’s. During the Spanish Civil War, he moved to France, but returned home when Nazis invaded France during World War II.

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