Week 4 post- Erik Johanson

The works are all photographs, images combined and recreated. Johanson expresses concerns about the environment– one photo shows waves of newly constructed houses hitting a swath of farmland. Another shows a city with a zipper rapidly closing on three farm tractors. Another image shows a woman painting a blue lake over a human made dock.  This shows his concern with urban structures taking over green space.

Johansen has many intertextual references to Magritte, for example, the cover photo where his face is obscured by a reflective globe. In “Face vs, Fist”, the face is obscured not by an apple, but the subjects own hand. The Escher references are more abundant- “Impossible Escape”, “Downside of the Upside”, “Crossroads” and “Lego” all show Escher’s mobius strip staircases or roads. The photos are creative, complex and entertaining and manage to have a solid message about the environment and the human impact upon it.


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