Denis Darzacq

I heard once that the real revenge for Pearl Harbor was McDonalds…not to single them out, but some of the firms like McDonalds, ADM, WalMart, are crowding out smaller companies. In Europe, the supermarket is a realtively new concept. that Darzacq uses humans set against the hypermarket is very effective–are we losing our humanity?

Darzacq asks young street dancers from working class neighborhoods in Paris and Rouen to perform in the aisles of the “hypermarché,” the massive supermarkets and global retail chains that have supplanted smaller shops in France and in many countries around the globe. Suspended in mid-air, these floating bodies bring an otherworldliness to common consumerism. Like baroque figures, the dancers rise and fall either victims or victors against the absolutism of globalized commerce. This opposition between being and having, between the person and the environment – a central theme in Darzacq’s practice – questions the human cost of materialism.




peikin Gallery & De Soto Gallery present


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