Martina Lopez- Digital Allegory

Martina Lopez  manipulates photographs by combining those of her family with others, by recreating family scenes that may have never existed, and by changing the time place or combination of people to create an alternative reality.

The death of her father and brother gave her the thought of  reconstructing memories and exploring feelings of loss. She created works dedicated to her father, mother, and her brother who was killed in Vietnam when she was four years old. Most of her memories of her brother were in part constructed from his presence in family photographs. Lopez writes, “By extracting people from their original context and then placing them into fabricated landscapes, I hope to retell a story of their being, one which allows the images to acquire a life of their own. While the pieces from photographs verify an actual lived experience, the landscape stands as my metaphor for life, demarcating its quality, where the horizon suggests an endless time.”




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