Weekly Painting Week 10- All images are abstractions



And that includes photographs. Images are never the thing pictured, they are a reproduction of things past. This may seem obvious, but we had hours of discussion on this topic in Critical Theory and still did not get to cover everything. Anyway, here is an example. Is it a woman? Is it an assemblage of the human form? Metaphor is the language of art. 

Weekly Painting Week 9- Art can be anywhere

spidey hulk

Blank Variant Covers- how great are these. This is a pencil drawing of Spidey catching a ride on the Hulk. I am crazy about Mitsubishi Uni Pencils, I used a HB and a 7B and they spread like buttah!

Weekly Painting Week 8- Art can be anything


gesture hulk

This week I am thinking a lot about the Marvel Universe. The Wolverine (A-W-E-S-O-M-E) is out, here is a tribute to Logan as his first appearance was in Hulk #181. The large Hulk is almost life size, acrylic on watercolor paper. The smaller one is only about 8 x 10″, a quick gesture ink and wash on paper.

This week’s art koan:

“Art can be anything”. It is not defined by how it was produced, what they used or who created it, but by the collective experience it belongs to.

Weekly Painting Week 6


The last month of summer!! Where did the time go? The ocean still an awesome thing even if I go there every day. The dolphins and gulls don’t feel the time passing. Tried to capture the water, painted this one fast then left it alone. Not perfectly painted, but perfectly intense.