Weekly Painting Week 22- Painting the Night Monochromatic Painting

snow and moonlightFor this painting of snow, moonlight, and well, darkness, I used pthalo blue, black and white.  It’s amazing how many shades this makes. I think this painting evokes cold wind and ice .  

Weekly Painting – Week 21 Still More Complimentary Color!

hummerThis is another big one- about 3′ by 5′. The red background really sets off the green Humvee. Red and green are complimentary, but I needed to change the value as well- the light green contrasts with the darkness of the red. Otherwise, it can be muddy when you squint. Which reminds me, three good rules for evaluating your process:

1. SQUINT!! Your contrast, or lack of, will be evident.

2. Look at your art upside down or in a mirror. Especially good with portraits or anything with perspective.

3. Take a picture of your art, then load it up and change it to b&w.  Contrast and detail that need work are more obvious.


Weekly Painting Week 20- is it done yet? Really Big 57 Chevy Bel Air

When painting a thing with a lot of detail, how do you know when it’s done? You know when it’s overworked, that jumps right out. But when to stop painting- ah…that’s the trick. Here is a quote, attributed to a lot of people including Picasso-  “A painting is never finished, it escapes from the easel.” I have been working on this Chevy on and off all year (well, I did other things too). Not sure whether to keep working on it or wrap up. It is 40 x 60″, so it is taking up a lot of room while I figure it out. ’57 Chevy Bel Air, oil canvas.Image

Weekly Painting Week 19- Complimentary Color and Abstract Landscape

My continued fascination with all things Southwest. Amazing how there are 6B people on the planet and still there are places this empty. Gigantic clouds rise high in the sky and the desert looks so vast. Orange and blue contrast to make each seem more vivid. This painting is 30 x 40, a nice size for the subject. Oil on canvas

abtract desert