Weekly Painting week 27- Comic art goes Haute Batman Detective Comics and the Joker

batman 73Batman #73 Cover reinterpreted in oil on canvas. Hard to say what I like the most- the color, the very complex composition that takes your eye in a loop around the scene, or the 12 different Joker heads. So many decisions for this one- oil or acrylic? I went with oil as I was vexed at the acrylic cad yellow that kept drying the wrong color. The Cad Red and Cerulean Blue are straight out of the tube. I left off details, like the price and green script, and changed a few things, notably the Joker looking right at you in the foreground.  I used unbleached titanium to give the Joker a creepy look. So much fun doing this, I am going to do Hulk 181 next.


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