Weekly Painting Week 34- Wolverine, 2 Ways Comic Variant Cover Art


Blank Variant Covers- I love them for the possibilities, I wish that the comic industry would go ahead and use some Bristol Vellum or some Heavy Watercolor paper instead of the hard paper stock. Well, you can’t have everything (where would you put it?). Working in the 7″ x 10″ space is a challenge too, and with inking, well, you get one shot. The cover is attached to the comic, so you can’t start over.

Eric, the comic store owner generously and fearlessly handed this one over to me. Surprise, he is getting it back with a front pencil and a back acrylic, India Ink and watercolor wash. Thanks for trusting me!

What works on a Variant Cover:

-India Ink
– Pitt Pens (awesome!)
– Gouache (I think it’s pronounces “gwash”)
– Pencil

What you may want to avoid:

– Copic (bleeds through)
– Alcohol based marker
– Sharpie (really bleeds. a lot)


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