Weekly painting week 44- take it outside- Plein air painting

Summer is here and that means one thing for sure- paint dries much, much faster! Take advantage of the warm days and go outside and paint for a change. Monet and his fellow painters made this popular, Monet especially by painting the same scene at several times throughout the day to capture different colors of light. Here are some things I was reminded of painting on the beach and near this lake:

The sky is not always a shade of blue.
Water is almost never blue, but the color of the sand or green plants below the surface. (thanks Erik!!)
Bugs and sand and other debris will get on your painting. Think of this as a bonus, you are taking some of the scenery home with you!
A mix of Cadmium yellow and black makes the best tree and grass greens.
Every green will need a little red.
Gray down the background, and warm up the foreground to give it some depth.
Use the impressionists palette- including ultramarine, cadmium red and yellow, titanium white and a mix of red and green to make black. Add other colors as you like.

Bring a wide brimmed hat and wear either a white or black shirt– less colorful reflections on your painting to distract you.
Prepare to talk. A lot. People will want to see what you are doing, so don’t try this if you are excessively shy.
Bring business cards too- a shameless plug never hurts.

Bon Chance- see you outside!

Here is a one hour painting at the lake: pleinair


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