Weekly Painting Week 65 Go Big! The process of a large format work. Corvette Painting.


Finished painting, 36″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas.

3 months earlier….


A three foot by four foot work may not be any more complicated than an 8 x 10″, but it is much more physical. If you are painting something this large, you may want a drywall square- about $20 at Home Depot. It happens to be 48″ across, and you are going to need some straight line management. Step 1. – I toned the canvas violet to contrast with the yellow corvette that is coming later.


Step 2. Use the square and grid your canvas. Sketch in your figure.


Step 3. Assess. Correct. Redraw. Cuss. Ask yourself why you are painting this. Take a break. Repeat.I did not like the angle of the convertible that cut off the roof, so I have added that in.


Step 4. Measure everything. Lights, trim, logos, all of this is machine engineered, so it cannot look soft and squishy. On the other hand, this is art, and I want it to look organic, not like a photo. Regrid. Use chalk or charcoal, but do it as many times as you need to. Use lean layers in this part, paint thinned with Gamsol.

car5Step 5. Okay, pretty happy with everything going on here- now for the fun part. Use fat layers here, paint mixed with Linseed Oil.


Finished! I put this Corvette in the sky, it was fun doing this, now it is at its new home. Finished 2014 Corvette Stingray, 36 x 48″, Oil on Canvas, finished with GamVar.

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