Weekly Painting Week 76 Fall Color- Birch Trees Landscape oil Painting

This one looks easy, but was challenging to execute. It went through three versions, the last had a dark purple lower half. I went back and added Cadmium red light straight from the tube onto the bottom third, that seems to have done it! Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 30″fall color

Weekly Painting Week 73 Black and White Figure- A matter of perspective.

Once at a museum, I watched visitors looking at an abstract painting. They turned their heads left right, then tried to look at the painting upside down. Abstract art is like that- I know there was a huge debate after Morris Louis died, in displaying his work, which side was the top. The below painting seems obvious, but I rotated the image and you know what? I like it in any direction! “Mary Jane” 11 x 14, Oil on heavy paper.




maryjane21maryjane21 maryjane22 maryjane23