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Landscape Project

This project used a still standing, dead tree covered with vegetation. Wooden dowels were attached and found objects used to make music. The small chimes are from a discarded lawn chair that was cut with a pipe cutter to make the pitch of the chimes an F chord. The larger pipes are a cut up aluminum closet rod. The trowel tools were selected for their color, red and yellow signify danger and caution reminding us to make a better effort to protect the fragile forest ecosystem. The shape and utility of the tools reminds us that humans have been here to plant this tree, and humans will be around to tear it away and plant another.  The baby monitor reminds us that we are the stewards and shepherds of the Earth, not the owners.

This tree gave shelter to birds, food to small animals, and shade for the ground plants. Its dying makes way for the smaller trees to grow. As it dies, it will give nutrients to worms and microbes and nitrogen to the soil..and one last song before someone takes it away.

Here is the video link:

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