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Weekly Painting Week 66- Because you can’t take yourself too seriously Spiderman as a youth

Sometimes art is heavy, filled with angst.

(Sidebar, remember that great Sparks song, Angst in My Pants? here’s a link:

So, you have to lighten things up and have fun doing this- here is this week’s post, Spidey as a kid. 12 x 24, acrylic on canvas. A great way to make the red pop out, mix some green in the grey background. spidey2


Weekly Painting Week 9- Art can be anywhere

spidey hulk

Blank Variant Covers- how great are these. This is a pencil drawing of Spidey catching a ride on the Hulk. I am crazy about Mitsubishi Uni Pencils, I used a HB and a 7B and they spread like buttah!