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Weekly Painting Week 73 Black and White Figure- A matter of perspective.

Once at a museum, I watched visitors looking at an abstract painting. They turned their heads left right, then tried to look at the painting upside down. Abstract art is like that- I know there was a huge debate after Morris Louis died, in displaying his work, which side was the top. The below painting seems obvious, but I rotated the image and you know what? I like it in any direction! “Mary Jane” 11 x 14, Oil on heavy paper.




maryjane21maryjane21 maryjane22 maryjane23

Weekly Painting Week 72- Do over Black and White Figure Painting

I had a great teacher, Maria, who told us sometimes when things aren’t working out, turn the painting to the wall and do something else. Sometimes that’s the best thing you can do. I parked this one for over a year:

walk to the opera

There was something about it, muddy, blah, not very interesting,

A few days ago I tried a few things- brightened the sky, warmed up the grey in the skintones, added detail and highlights and a little work on the background, and got this:


Much happier with this one! I used Gamblin Torrit Grey, Chromatic black and titanium white. Oil on canvas, 16 x 20″.

This painting was sold last week- to a collector near Osaka Japan! Arigato Gozimasu!


Weekly painting Week 67- Draw, draw draw

I had this great advice from one of my teachers- if it is not working out in paint, try sculpting it. If It doesn’t work out there, draw. If you aren’t getting any good drawings, read. So I took a break and got out the pencils and Copics and came up with these. No masterpieces, but at the end of the day I was surrounded with smiling faces!

DSC04596Pumbaa pencil

DSC04597 Pumbaa cleaned up


Rembrandt soft pastels..nice!

DSC04599Pumbaa pastel

DSC04600Timon ACEO card

DSC04602Timon all Sharpied up

DSC04603 end of the day.

Weekly Painting Week 14- Value Scale, Tonal Painting, Shades of Grey, Grey Scale

Getting the colors right- check. Getting the tones right? Not so easy. Draw a good drawing, paint in Greyscale, then add color. Wow. Here is a painting using black and white only. I used Gamblin radiant white for the pearls and some highlights, otherwise it is plain old titanium. walk to the opera