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Improving Drawing and Finishing


Instructing at a drawing workshop this week.

I get this question a lot, “what is the best way to improve my drawing?” There is only one answer– “Draw.” Most of what you draw in the beginning is not very memorable, take these first drawings and put them away for a year. Keep drawing, then compare your new drawings to the old ones, there will be a remarkable difference. A great teacher told me “we all have 1,000 bad drawings in us, once you draw the 1000th, they are gone for good”  The rest of the advice:

push and pull

lighter lights, darker darks

draw, draw, and then draw some more

Lastly, spend some time on your drawing, it will show in the end. Over a couple of days, about 2.5 hours on this drawing. It sounds like a lot, but the time goes so quickly you may not notice!

“Bubble” Pencil on charcoal paper, 11×14″

Weekly Painting Week 64 Finger Painting- with Charcoal


Charcoal is a great medium as it is as fluid as paint, so a smear here and there adds a lot to a line drawing. This is a drawing I did on toned paper– after  some drawings from the original concept art for Bambi. 11 x 14, charcoal, conte and chalk on tan toned drawing paper.