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Weekly Painting Week 66- Because you can’t take yourself too seriously Spiderman as a youth

Sometimes art is heavy, filled with angst.

(Sidebar, remember that great Sparks song, Angst in My Pants? here’s a link:

So, you have to lighten things up and have fun doing this- here is this week’s post, Spidey as a kid. 12 x 24, acrylic on canvas. A great way to make the red pop out, mix some green in the grey background. spidey2


Weekly Painting Week 65 Go Big! The process of a large format work. Corvette Painting.


Finished painting, 36″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas.

3 months earlier….


A three foot by four foot work may not be any more complicated than an 8 x 10″, but it is much more physical. If you are painting something this large, you may want a drywall square- about $20 at Home Depot. It happens to be 48″ across, and you are going to need some straight line management. Step 1. – I toned the canvas violet to contrast with the yellow corvette that is coming later.


Step 2. Use the square and grid your canvas. Sketch in your figure.


Step 3. Assess. Correct. Redraw. Cuss. Ask yourself why you are painting this. Take a break. Repeat.I did not like the angle of the convertible that cut off the roof, so I have added that in.


Step 4. Measure everything. Lights, trim, logos, all of this is machine engineered, so it cannot look soft and squishy. On the other hand, this is art, and I want it to look organic, not like a photo. Regrid. Use chalk or charcoal, but do it as many times as you need to. Use lean layers in this part, paint thinned with Gamsol.

car5Step 5. Okay, pretty happy with everything going on here- now for the fun part. Use fat layers here, paint mixed with Linseed Oil.


Finished! I put this Corvette in the sky, it was fun doing this, now it is at its new home. Finished 2014 Corvette Stingray, 36 x 48″, Oil on Canvas, finished with GamVar.

Weekly Painting Week 54 Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse painting two figures in a composition


Painting on a larger canvas has its advantages- one is not having to use a magnifying glass to paint nostrils or pupils or the little things in ears. An advantage of painting a small work is that a little color makes a big impact. I used the red to set off all that blue on the figures and in the background. The red is the amazing Gamblin Cadmium Red Light- one of the colors I no longer can do without. Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse, 11 x 14 oil on canvas.

Weekly Painting Week 53 Only Doom dares to dream! Dr. Doom solo. Multitasking


This weeks painting features Victor von Doom, aka Dr. Doom. Not the finance guy, the original. Few people can pull of referring to themselves in the third person and not sound silly, but Victor is one of them. One of my favorite Dr. Doom quotes:

“From our previous encounter, lackey, I owe you vengeance.” He’s awesome that way.

I had Dr. Doom in this painting in a classic pose, with a grayed background. It looked like he was standing underground, or against a warehouse wall. It came to me in a flash that
1. He is in Latveria
2. It’s freezing there
3. Doom probably withstands cold and wind ok.

So here he is in a snowstorm, I completed this with another painting and had to remind myself not to glaze it at the same time. You can keep notes as you create art in a neat notebook or you can leave yourself glaring reminders of where you are in your process. Here is my reminder not to varnish the painting early, sounds like Victor said it:

no glaze

Weekly painting week 47: Skully Skully Night Apocolypse and Mystique Dyptich

Painting two or more paintings together? Just line them up and sketch/paint together to make sure the backgrounds match. Even if they are not displayed together this will visually connect the works. Two more comic works in oil, these are smaller, 11 x 14 each. My version of Mystique and Apocalypse from two different covers. Yellow ochre in the background sets off the Pthalo blue on Mystique and the Manganese blue on Apocalypse. Love the Gamblin Fastmatte paint!!Dries in about a day and you can mix with regular oils. 11 x 14″ each, oil on canvas.


comic art art

Weekly Painting Week 41- 3 Completed Paintings

It’s late Friday afternoon, big 3 day weekend ahead, and I left nothing on the table! I mean the easel. Here are the three paintings I have been working on, and think they are finally ready to escape from the studio. The Batman, well, really happy with this one. The island painting saw a surfer get painted in, then painted back out. Let me know what you think- should there be a person in this scene? Last, the abstract wave on paper. I have heeded the advice “don’t fear the bold highlight”. Especially in acrylic, that will make things happen for you. Tip of the week, if you are going to have refreshments in your art area, make sure your paint thinner isn’t near and /or in the same size cup as your iced tea. See photo and don’t drink your paint water by accident. cups

batman croc


green wave