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Weekly Painting Week 94 ATAT gathering

ok that is just the working title.. square canvases are challenging, this one started out as a landscape and was a bit too empty. Now it is a horse painting, going to finish this up as soon as it sets up a little- I used a combination of gamsol and linseed, very nice result. More horses but looks a little like a gathering of ATATs, doesn’t it? 36 x 36″ my sneaker in the frame gives it some scale! horsesrough

Weekly Painting Week 93 Black, White, and Grey

torrit grey

Working on a few possibilities in oil using only Black, White, and Gamblin Torrit Grey. I am carving the horses out of the darkness. Those lumps on the beach may turn into dogs… or maybe a lobster, I haven’t decided.

Weekly Painting Week 63- Outer Banks Corolla Beach- Scale and Format

obx 8x20

Once in painting class I was asked, “why did you pick that canvas?” What, you mean the one without paint on it? No, she wanted to know why I painted on a rectangle. Do paintings need four corners? When painting something as massive as an endless ocean, how do you select the size and shape? So far, I have painted mostly rectangular paintings, but the size and scale can make or break a composition. The painting above is only 10 x 20″, but has quite an impact from the color and well, not crowding too much into the composition. I have the quiet, meditative mood I was going for without a huge size.

Outer Banks Corolla Beach, 10 x 20″, Oil on canvas