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Weekly Painting Week 38- Creating a Mood

This is a quiet painting– look a little longer and the scene may achieve it’s goal- to encourage you to sit down, relax and think calm thoughts. I used yellow ochre, black and white to mix the many shades and tints on the canvas. quiet room2

mother\’s day photos


Weekly Painting Week 35 Extreme Foreshortening- Spiderman

One of my art teachers said “Invariably, you find the most complicated thing to draw”, meaning that I won’t find the simple things and work my way up. This results in some frustration, as drawing someone standing, head on, or in full profile from eye level is much simpler and faster than figuring out all the resizing. For example, in drawing a face, the subject’s relaxed hand should be about enough, palm to fingertips, to go from chin to forehead. For a man, the shoulders should be about 3 heads wide. And so on. Use an extreme high or low POV and all things change. Hands become huge when they are near the viewer, body proportions change dramatically.

I loved this Superior Spiderman cover so much I could not stop looking at it, so I painted one. This is an acrylic painting 24 x 36″. I used the AMAZING Liquitex glaze– great oil paint effect.


Weekly Painting Week 20- is it done yet? Really Big 57 Chevy Bel Air

When painting a thing with a lot of detail, how do you know when it’s done? You know when it’s overworked, that jumps right out. But when to stop painting- ah…that’s the trick. Here is a quote, attributed to a lot of people including Picasso-  “A painting is never finished, it escapes from the easel.” I have been working on this Chevy on and off all year (well, I did other things too). Not sure whether to keep working on it or wrap up. It is 40 x 60″, so it is taking up a lot of room while I figure it out. ’57 Chevy Bel Air, oil canvas.Image