Weekly Painting Week 26- Hopper’s Ground Swell

hopper boat

Today is week 26- halfway to the one year goal!

One of the best ways to understand an artist is to copy a work. It’s never as easy as you think it will be, and there is a lot to learn about that artist as you are going through it. I chose this one as it is a high key painting, all of the tones are on the lighter side, so not what I usually paint. The figures are semi abstract, but took the longest of everything in the composition.

Edward Hopper painted “Ground Swell” in late September 1939. It shows friends out sailing. Look longer and you notice standard Hopper themes — mystery, loneliness, alienation. It was also painted in a year that the world was at war, which gives the painting a different meaning altogether.

p.s. thanks Erik for the inspiration on this one!!


Weekly Post Week 25- Horse with Complimentary Color

argoWhat color is the white? Is is cool or warm? Depends on the light or the shadow. Although this is not as finished as it could be, I stopped before it was overworked. The bright orange is a good contrast for the cool quid violet.

southwest paintings

Weekly Painting Week 23- It’s the little things- Still Life OPI Polish

PolishedI read that the best selling genre of paintings are Landscape and Figurative– in that order. Bringing up the rear is Still Life. I am not as drawn to this area of painting, but artists create unbelievable hyper realism in still life. Powers of observation rule here, getting the color and the shape true is critical. Very fun to paint, here are four of my favorite colors in nail laquer: