Weekly Painting Week 35 Extreme Foreshortening- Spiderman

One of my art teachers said “Invariably, you find the most complicated thing to draw”, meaning that I won’t find the simple things and work my way up. This results in some frustration, as drawing someone standing, head on, or in full profile from eye level is much simpler and faster than figuring out all the resizing. For example, in drawing a face, the subject’s relaxed hand should be about enough, palm to fingertips, to go from chin to forehead. For a man, the shoulders should be about 3 heads wide. And so on. Use an extreme high or low POV and all things change. Hands become huge when they are near the viewer, body proportions change dramatically.

I loved this Superior Spiderman cover so much I could not stop looking at it, so I painted one. This is an acrylic painting 24 x 36″. I used the AMAZING Liquitex glaze– great oil paint effect.


Weekly Painting Week 34- Wolverine, 2 Ways Comic Variant Cover Art


Blank Variant Covers- I love them for the possibilities, I wish that the comic industry would go ahead and use some Bristol Vellum or some Heavy Watercolor paper instead of the hard paper stock. Well, you can’t have everything (where would you put it?). Working in the 7″ x 10″ space is a challenge too, and with inking, well, you get one shot. The cover is attached to the comic, so you can’t start over.

Eric, the comic store owner generously and fearlessly handed this one over to me. Surprise, he is getting it back with a front pencil and a back acrylic, India Ink and watercolor wash. Thanks for trusting me!

What works on a Variant Cover:

-India Ink
– Pitt Pens (awesome!)
– Gouache (I think it’s pronounces “gwash”)
– Pencil

What you may want to avoid:

– Copic (bleeds through)
– Alcohol based marker
– Sharpie (really bleeds. a lot)

Weekly Painting Week 33 Secret Beach

One surfer at a secret location- I used Australian paint- Matisse and German paint- Lukas. They went together very nicely. The Lukas paint was Indigo and came in a squeeze bottle (like the mustard in the fridge, only 3x larger). It was an incredible deal- if you are trying to save on art supplies (and aren’t we all) I would highly recommend the Lukas paint. Jerrys Art-a-rama sells it. The Matisse is made in Australia, and the colors are highly pigmented and PHENOMENAL for ocean colors! This painting is acrylic, 15 x 30″ wave