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Weekly Painting Week 100- the simple things


Back to basics- figure drawing with charcoal. One piece of paper, one stick of charcoal, one eraser, a cloth. I had a discussion with a fellow artist, he said good drawing was not necessary for good painting. I am on the other side– work on drawing, make better paintings. Draw, draw, draw. Thanks for following all the way to week 100- whew! 18 x 24- “Athena”

Weekly Painting Week 64 Finger Painting- with Charcoal


Charcoal is a great medium as it is as fluid as paint, so a smear here and there adds a lot to a line drawing. This is a drawing I did on toned paper– after  some drawings from the original concept art for Bambi. 11 x 14, charcoal, conte and chalk on tan toned drawing paper.